Uplighting is a fantastic way to bring color, drama, and ambiance to your space. A dull room can be brought to life with a few well placed. Lighting can be adjusted throughout the event. We can start with a brightly lit room when guests arrive and gradually dim the light over the course of the evening to set the mood for dancing. Your guests won’t even be aware of the light transition. Our lights are so versatile that the colors can be changed for different portions of the event or even based on the type of song being played.

intelligent dance floor lighting

With our new and adaptive lighting technology, we can light up the walls, dance floor or ceiling with cool patterns and shapes. Intelligent moving headlights will allow us to move it anywhere in the room. Want to add a splash of color to match your party or wedding theme? We can do that, too!

String Lights

Add sparkle to your night with our string lights They can be placed within your background drape, be added to an outdoor space or cover your dance floor to create an intimate and romatic ambiance.

Gobos & Monograms

Fun and cool way of displaying shapes, patterns and logo on any surfice of your event space. We offer static gobos, Animated gobos and video gobos.